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  • Gift "mugen Gacha" De Level 9999

    Gift "Mugen Gacha" de Level 9999 ; Backwater Dungeon: My Party Tried to Kill Me, But Thanks to an Infinite Gacha I Got LVL 9999 Friends and Am Out For Revenge

  • Author(s) : Meikyou Shisui ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov 27,2022 - 14:36 PM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 27.5M
  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Harem, Shounen, Tragedy,
  • Rating :
  •   Mangakakalot rate : 4.56/ 5 - 5751 votes

Gift "mugen Gacha" De Level 9999 summary:

A human boy named Light is kicked out from the adventurer party called the “Race Union (gathering of races)” by his trusted comrades. There are six races in this world: human, beast, dragon, elf, dwarf, and demon race. The human race is looked down and discriminated against in this world as the "most inferior."Legion (the Race Union), is a party with various race members gathered to dispel such discrimination. But, they have a hidden purpose behind it. They were ordered by countries other than human races to search for "Master," and take it under their own country. Light, a human boy, was welcomed into the Legion because of his gift "Infinite Gacha," a gift that might be owned by "Master." But in the end, their investigation showed that Light is not "Master."Light was about to be killed by the Race Union members, but accidentally he steps on a "Transfer Trap." As a result, he was teleported to the lowest level of the dungeon and escaped from Race Union's members. In the deepest dungeon, he was attacked by a mythical demon of LV1000. In a desperate situation, Light hits the "Infinite Gacha" repeatedly. Luckily, he draws the SUR card "Mei the Seeker Maid" level 9999. She helps Light to repel the demons and saves his life.After finally escaping from the crisis, Light decides to take revenge on his former comrades and fight against each nation to find the truth that almost killed him. Mei advises him to increase the number of trustworthy friends with "Infinite Gacha" to take revenge and find the truth. Light agreed with her words and chose to build up his power to oppose the nations in the deepest dungeon.Three years later. Light has built up the strongest nation in the depth of the dungeon. Once again, he will return to the surface to take revenge on his former comrades and search for the truth that nearly killed him like an insect.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 63: I'm Sorry 138.9K Nov 10,22
Chapter 62: Yume...? 162.7K Oct 27,22
Chapter 61: Ineffective 146.2K Oct 18,22
Chapter 58: Wretches 166.8K Sep 20,22
Chapter 57: Ghost 199K Sep 10,22
Chapter 56: Card Storage 176.4K Sep 09,22
Chapter 55: Presence 167.9K Sep 09,22
Chapter 54: Contact 232.2K Aug 17,22
Chapter 53: Disembark 228.2K Jul 30,22
Chapter 51: Shion 243.9K Jul 17,22
Chapter 50: Fall 289.5K Jul 03,22
Chapter 49: Swarm 273.6K Jun 23,22
Chapter 48: Farewell 289.8K Jun 17,22
Chapter 46: Ahaha! 237.5K Jun 17,22
Chapter 45: Ex 348.9K May 10,22
Chapter 44: Despair 255.9K May 10,22
Chapter 41: Uwaaa! 282.9K Apr 07,22
Chapter 40: The Strongest! 285.9K Mar 31,22
Chapter 39: Body Of Steel 313.8K Mar 23,22
Chapter 38 297.6K Mar 16,22
Chapter 37: Hive 296.6K Mar 10,22
Chapter 36: Checkmate 335.7K Mar 03,22
Chapter 31: Prepared 373.1K Jan 18,22
Chapter 30: Traces 385.4K Jan 06,22
Chapter 29: Return 361.8K Jan 04,22
Chapter 27 433K Dec 23,21
Chapter 26 384.3K Dec 17,21
Chapter 25: Execute 369.1K Dec 17,21
Chapter 24: Thank You 352.4K Dec 17,21
Chapter 23: Loser 352.1K Dec 17,21
Chapter 22: Impossible 341.2K Dec 17,21
Chapter 21: Descendants 332.4K Dec 17,21
Chapter 20: Declaration 328.6K Dec 17,21
Chapter 19: Hero 330.6K Dec 17,21
Chapter 18: Victory 320.8K Dec 17,21
Chapter 17 303.4K Dec 17,21
Chapter 16 306.9K Dec 17,21
Chapter 15 317.1K Dec 17,21
Chapter 14 323.4K Dec 17,21
Chapter 13: Celebrate 336.5K Dec 17,21
Chapter 12: Astonished 331.2K Dec 17,21
Chapter 11 333.3K Dec 17,21
Chapter 10 351.6K Dec 17,21
Chapter 9 346.5K Dec 17,21
Chapter 8 360.1K Dec 17,21
Chapter 7 395.7K Dec 17,21
Chapter 4: Reunion 394.5K Dec 17,21
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