This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST
  • Twilight Sisters

    彼岸姐妹 ; Bǐ'àn Jiěmèi ; Bi'an Jiemei ; Sisters From the Higan ; Sisters of the Paramita

  • Author(s) : Yuririn ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct 10,2022 - 08:59 AM
  • TransGroup :
  • View : 19.7K
  • Genres : Adventure, Drama, Horror, Psychological, Shoujo,
  • Rating :
  •   Mangakakalot rate : 2.73/ 5 - 11 votes

Twilight Sisters summary:

Nanfeng and Ya were a team of paranormal investigators with different personalities. Nanfeng loved to investigate various haunted places while Ya prefered to observe the world quietly. They gained some local fame for solving a paranormal case. However, more incidents occurred and their true identities became even more obscured. It was as though someone was drawing them from the school to the city. More and more people were being implicated, and they were being drawn into an even greater whirlwind of chaos.
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