This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Sekai Saikyou No Shinjuu Tsukai summary:

Mag (Magu) was gifted the skill , a skill capable of attracting monsters and causing disasters. As such, he was banished from the city. Therefore, he decided to live alone in a hunting cabin deep in the mountains. However, there, he draws the attention of Divine Beasts: Loa the Dragon (a beautiful girl), Fiana the Phoenix (another beautiful girl), and Kelpie the Maera (another beautiful girl). In the end, Mag decides to spend a easygoing life in the mountains with the Divine Beasts. But the skill is not making it easy for him …
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 13.1 10K Dec 04,22
Chapter 12 26.3K Oct 29,22
Chapter 11 38.8K Jul 30,22
Chapter 10 38.8K Jul 28,22
Chapter 9 39.7K Jul 28,22
Chapter 8 45.5K Jul 24,22
Chapter 7 46.9K Jul 18,22
Chapter 6 57.8K Jul 08,22
Chapter 5 56.9K Jul 07,22
Chapter 4 65.6K Jun 23,22
Chapter 3 69.3K Jun 21,22
Chapter 2.4 40.7K Jun 21,22
Chapter 2.3 39K Jun 21,22
Chapter 2.2 40.4K Jun 21,22
Chapter 2.1 54.9K Jun 21,22
Chapter 2 39.7K Jul 08,22
Vol.1 Chapter 1.3 51.7K Jun 21,22
Vol.1 Chapter 1.2 52.7K Jun 21,22
Vol.1 Chapter 1.1 68.8K Jun 21,22
Chapter 1 51K Jul 08,22
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