This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Gigantis summary:

On that day, humanity was turned into “prey”―.Gen is a high school student living on the island of Tsushima, a door to mainland Japan.Along with his sickly sister, Misaki, and his heartwarming mother, Gen was living a peaceful life, all until an “asymmetrical monster” appears on the island.All hell breaks loose on the island of Tsushima.These monsters devour everything from plants to animals, to humans, and mutate together.Will humanity stand a chance against these mutant creatures?Is there any hope?Kenichi Tachibana from Terra Formars illustrates yet another crazy Sci-Fi survival series!!!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 7: Pioneer 9.8K Aug 10,22
Chapter 6: New Abilities 18.9K May 21,22
Chapter 5: Atonement 28.2K Dec 26,21
Chapter 4: Absconding 28.5K Nov 23,21
Chapter 3: From Afar 30.1K Oct 29,21
Chapter 2 32.3K Oct 23,21
Chapter 1 33.1K Oct 10,21
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